Dress Code

Uniforms are required every day. NO EXCEPTIONS

Neatness:  Uniforms should be clean and in good condition with shirts tucked in at all times.
Cleanliness:  Students should come to school with clean bodies.
Tops:  Uniform top: Knit polo shirts with a secured/embroidered academy logo on left chest area.
hunter green
burgundy or gray
School Spirit Tee-Shirts:  May be worn on the last day of the week.
**It is mandatory that all students have at least one white polo shirt to wear on field trips and for fall and class pictures**
Bottoms:  Students are expected to wear navy uniform dress pants or mid-thigh length shorts with the inside pockets only (outside pockets on back are acceptable).. Acceptable fabrics should look like twill and do not include knits or corduroy. Bottoms with belt loops are to be worn with belts around the waist. Belts must be solid navy, black or brown.
Girls may wear uniform navy dress skirts, split skirts/skorts, shorts, jumpers or capri’s.
Shorts, skirts/skorts and jumper lengths must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
To accommodate participation in a variety of PE activities, girls are expected to wear some kind of shorts underneath skirts and jumpers.
Cargo pants are not permitted.
Jackets/Sweaters/Sweatshirts: The required colors of outerwear to be worn by students on cool days are solid navy, hunter green, burgundy, white or ash gray. On very cold days non-uniform jackets may only be worn outside of the school building.
Socks: Students are required to wear solid navy, hunter green, burgundy or white socks that coordinate with the school uniform. Logo’s larger than the size of a dime are not acceptable.
Shoes: For safety purposes, dark or white rubber-soled shoes that have a closed toe and heel are required. Shoes must be fastened (laced, buckled, Velcroed), and secured to the foot for safety purposes.
Earrings/Jewelry: Expensive and/or excessive amounts of jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets are not recommended due to distractibility, safety and the chance of loss.
Young gentlemen are not allowed to wear earrings.
For safety purposes, earrings for young ladies must be smaller than a dime.
No other piercings are permitted.
Hair: All students should have clean and well-groomed hair each day. Bangs may not be worn below the eyebrow. No colored hair, such as green or blue, no numbers, designs or writing may be shaved into the hair.
Boys: Young gentlemen’s hair length may not exceed the top of the collar.
Girls: Bangs may not be worn below the eyebrows.
Beads or hair ornaments that obscure vision or otherwise provide distraction to the wearer or other students are not allowed.
No colored hair such as green, blue, etc.
Hairstyles should not obstruct vision.
Hair accessories must be kept to a minimum and must be uniform colors. (Ex. navy, burgundy, hunter green, white, brown or black.)
On School Spirit days, young ladies may wear hair accessories that coordinate with the color of their school spirit shirt.
Hats: Hats or other head coverings may not be worn at school except for special days or medical consideration approved by the administration.
Make-up/Nails/Tattoos: Make-up, nail polish and body glitter are not permitted. Tattoos, artificial nails, and other distracting body art are not permitted.
Backpacks: For safety purposes, backpacks on wheels and trapper keepers are not allowed.
Alternative Dress Code: The purpose of Jeans Day is to raise money for school families in need, the BEA Scholarship Fund and other worthy causes as approved by the administration. Students will pay one dollar to wear denim shorts, pants, skirts or jumpers. In accordance with district policy, no overalls are permitted. Clothes must be hemmed and fitted. Belts are required. School spirit shirts or uniform shirts must be worn.
Dress Code Infractions: All students are expected to fully comply with the required uniform dress code, as agreed upon by parent/guardian signature of the Academy Contract.
Students not following the dress code will be issued a Dress Code Reminder to be signed by the parent and returned the following day.
If the student receives a third Dress Code Reminder, he or she will be sent to the principal’s office to discuss the concern.
All students and parents are expected to work cooperatively with the Academy to meet the high expectations established by our parents and staff.
** PARENTS/VISITORS: You are helping us set the proper example for our students. Please dress appropriately when visiting the school or chaperoning field trips.**