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Bartow Elementary Academy was established in 1993-94 as a magnet school for the purpose of desegregation of the elementary schools in the greater Bartow area. If interested in submitting an application for your child, please contact any elementary school or the magnet school office to inquire about the deadlines for making application. Applications to Bartow Elementary Academy are available to K-5 students from Alturas, Bartow, Ft. Meade, Highland City, Lake Wales, and Mulberry.


Formal education in Bartow began on the five-acre site, which is now the campus of Bartow Elementary Academy. Five generations of Bartow families have received part or all of their education on the Bartow Elementary Academy site, which was donated for school use by Jacob Summerlin. A pioneer of Bartow, his name is still a part of the tradition of Bartow High School, which formerly was known as Summerlin Institute.

The old school bell from the original school building on our site is atop a monument on the school grounds with some of the early school records sealed inside.

Through the years, the number of grades at the campus has been reduced from twelve down to eight and then to the present six. The school has been remodeled and expanded to accommodate more students.

There were originally four buildings in the Bartow Elementary complex. The main building housed the administrative offices, the cafeteria, the city auditorium, and classrooms for Kindergarten through fourth grade (our Bartow Elementary Academy building today). A two-story building, since demolished, sat on the northeast corner of the present day PE field, and housed the middle school students. Along side the third building was a library (also since demolished).

The fourth building was a former residence immediately south of the main school building which was used for special education classes. It was dubbed the “Rockhouse”, a nickname taken from the stone construction which was typical of the days of the Florida boom. B.E.A.’s Kindergarten/First grade pod classrooms sit in this spot today.

In 1993, the main building of Bartow Elementary was remodeled and Bartow Elementary Academy was created as a magnet school for the purpose of desegregation of the elementary schools in the greater Bartow area.

Mission Statement

Bartow Elementary Academy is a family partnership dedicated to inspiring and preparing learners to become productive global citizens. Our desire is for everyone to use life skills, technology, and innovative experiences to build tomorrow’s leaders.